Best Writ lawyers in Chennai

When do I need Writ lawyers?

Articles 32 and 226 empower the Supreme Court of India and High Courts to issue writs respectively as per the Constitution of India. Whenever there is an infringement of fundamental rights provided under part III of the Constitution, a person may approach writ lawyers in India for restoration of such rights.

Knowing the kinds of Writ may clarify your stand when a question pops up as to when a person may need lawyers for issuing Writ.

  • Lawyers for Habeas Corpus:
    When a person is detained by the officials against the law, Writ lawyers can approach the suitable court for assuring freedom
  • Lawyers for Writ of mandamus:
    Writ lawyers file application in the court of law to command/order a public officer to enforce his/her duties as recommended in the applicable laws.
  • Writ Lawyers for Prohibition:  
    writ petition lawyers in India file writ petition in the higher courts to prohibit the lower courts from exceeding their jurisdictional limits prohibition.
  • Writ Advocates for Certiorari: 
    It is filed   by  writ lawyers  to get the orders of the lower court quashed or be transferred to the higher courts for being beyond jurisdictional capacity.
  • Quo Warranto Writ Lawyers: 
    When a public office is said to be held by someone who is not qualified for the position, writ petition lawyers file quo warranto writ petition.