Will Divorce Mediation work?

Divorce always leads to uncertainty and now-a-days more so than ever. Is it possible to help separating couples detangle without getting tripped up? Are there any alternate ways of delivering legal services and solutions to the clients.


Sometimes I hear from our clients that they do not want to go to court but they want a fair outcome and most of the times they are confused with the  options or procedures available to them to arrive at a desired fair deal. Also no matter their financial position,  they always wanted a cost-effective solution.


For many, going face to face with the ex in court room is also challenging. In these tangled times of separation why to make a difficult situation a harder?

Devising a solution:

Therefore, it is clear that couples need better choices and an easier way of sorting out their family issues.So what is most needed is flexible model which would be  more time & cost- effective. Mediation is a model  that gives better choices to the couples. Each couple will have different needs and can  use this model accordingly.

Mediation is an entirely a private process and done at the couple’s pace. But, Still there will be some cases that are not suitable to this model until and  unless both the parties embrace it.

Ultimately, if the parties can not reach an agreement, they can either appoint an independent arbitrator or they can revert to the court process.

I don’t deny that some of the couples need a litigated outcome but for many others with direction and guidance on what is fair to both the parties and appropriate solutions to their families. Using a joined up process that gives the couple better choices and working with neutral and impartial team of lawyers with the common goal of arriving at a solution , gives them the better chance of reaching the best outcome in a cost-effective and time-effective ways

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