Patent/ Copyright/ Trademark/ Intellectual Property Rights

Navigating patent and trademark law is a challenging journey with a low chance of success- unless you engage …… the industry. We guide you past the barriers that lead to patent and trademark denials in order to protect your intellectual property.


Copyright is a form of protection provided by the law to the creators of “original works”. It may include anything from cinematography to an artistic piece of writing. The registration of copyright in India is not mandatory but useful in Courts where Civil/ Criminal proceeding can be taken to protect it. Copyright license is the proof of business existence in a particular jurisdiction.


A patent is used to protect an invention, process or design. It gives the exclusive rights to use, sell, and license their creation. There’s no renewal process for a patent, though it is possible to complete new patent for improved or modified designs if they are significantly different from the original patent.


A trademark is used to protect a brand name, logo, slogan or any other identifying aspect of your specific product.